Thursday, November 15, 2012

★ Nutritional Cleanse & Cleansing Holiday Health Tip ★
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Did you know that you can eat what you want during the holidays?
A popular misconception of my Nutritional Cl
eanse & Cleansing System is that it's a strict diet. Not true!

You see, the Cleansing System protects you from what you eat!

Just one nutritionally dense Isalean Shake in the morning will give you energy, curb your appetite, help replace your fat with lean muscle, and most important will help cleanse your body of the toxins that your body creates fat to protect you from.

So this year... don't worry about making that 'New Years Resolution'
Just have your shake in the morning and let your body take care of itself as God intended.

At less than $3 per meal... are you kidding me???

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Terry Kurtzer