Monday, December 3, 2012

Look Sexy | Feel Sexy

★ Look Sexy | Feel Sexy ★

When it comes to having good sex, sometimes your thoughts get in your own way. Especially when those thoughts are negative about your weight, your physical condition and about how your body looks to your partner while you're having sex.

A negative body image can distract you from having satisfying sexual experiences.

What can you do? One way to help shed a negative body image while boosting your sex life is to get regular exercise. Exercise can help you not only feel better about your body but also to increase your stamina as well as improve your circulation.

Good blood flow is important to sexual satisfaction because good orgasms rely on blood flow to the genitals. Try practicing yoga, walking or swimming for 30 minutes every day to see positive effects on your body and on those negative thoughts.

And ultimately, instead of focusing on what's wrong, focus on what's right and take the time to be confident about your body and not worry about the lights being on.


Monday, November 26, 2012

Nutrional Cleanse Holiday Tip

★ Eat All You Want For The Holidays! ★
Just do this:
1. Have One Scoop of my Isalean Super Food Shake every day for breakfast. $1.43
2. Eat on of my Slimcakes before each meal. $1.18
3. Take 2oz of my Cleanse for Life Super Juice each night before bed. $2.00

Not only will you feel better, have more energy and be able to focus better, but the Nutritional Cleansing System will prevent the toxins from lodging in your body and your Visceral Fat will actually start decreasing. (Learn more about Visceral Fat here: )

In the mean time... you won't have to sacrifice any of your holiday eating festivities.

Come Jan 3rd we can discuss losing 4 inches off your spare tire in just 9 days.
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from
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Monday, November 19, 2012

★ Visceral Fat May Shrink Your Brain ★
#NutritionalCleanse & #Cleansing #Diet #Health Tip of the Day
Getting rid of that 'spare tire' comes with a number of health benefits for a variety of the body’s organs—including your brain. View this 45 second video.

Visceral Fat has long been associated with faulty memory and thinking. However, researchers have only recently found the underlying causes for these brain-related problems. What's the cause? Visceral Fat! But not the kind you can pinch; it’s the fat within the belly that bathes your internal organs.

As heralded on previous occasions, visceral fat’s health-robbing nature is explained by its tendency to release all kinds of pro-inflammatory compounds reaping havoc on the entire body. There’s now plenty of reason to believe the brain suffers from visceral fat’s antics, too.  

In a recent study by the National Institute for Health, visceral belly fat was directly linked to faster brain shrinking.

Researchers sampled 733 middle-aged participants and collected various body composition measures including waist-to-hip ratio, visceral fat tissue, and volumetric brain MRI scans. They found that those with higher abdominal fat measurements had significantly decreased brain volume. Greater amounts of visceral fat had the strongest and most robust correlation of all.

The findings lend support to what researchers have warned of consistently: cognitive decline may be directly related to visceral fat accumulation.

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Terry Kurtzer


Thursday, November 15, 2012

★ Nutritional Cleanse & Cleansing Holiday Health Tip ★
#NutritionalCleanse & #Cleansing #Diet #Health Tip of the Day

Did you know that you can eat what you want during the holidays?
A popular misconception of my Nutritional Cl
eanse & Cleansing System is that it's a strict diet. Not true!

You see, the Cleansing System protects you from what you eat!

Just one nutritionally dense Isalean Shake in the morning will give you energy, curb your appetite, help replace your fat with lean muscle, and most important will help cleanse your body of the toxins that your body creates fat to protect you from.

So this year... don't worry about making that 'New Years Resolution'
Just have your shake in the morning and let your body take care of itself as God intended.

At less than $3 per meal... are you kidding me???

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